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Concrete Flatwork Repair

We get a fair number of calls from customers with Concrete Flatwork problems. The normal problems are from tree roots lifting the concrete and expansion joints rotting and allowing water to penetrate the base. In both cases, the soil below the concrete is the problem. Normal slight cracking in concrete over time is to be expected. However, if the movement in the concrete has opened a crack wide enough to allow water to the base, the problem will only get worse.

Bayou Concrete RepairSo what is the remedy?

1. Remove the existing concrete and replace it.

2. Route out the cracks and fill with a joint filler. This can be done when there is no variation in levelness.

3. In some cases if the concrete has sunk uniformly it can be lifted with mud jacking or urethane injection.

Should the concrete be replaced?

Stump all roots. Concrete people understand concrete. While we may like trees, they offer us a shady spot during the hot summer months; we generally do not love them. It is wise to get an expert to look at your trees and give advice on cutting your tree’s roots back. At the direction of an expert, we provide these services to you during the repair or replacement of your slab. After breakup and haul away, your soil should also be compacted with a vibratory plate. This is necessary to prevent shifting and problems occurring in the future.

Concrete Broom FinishIt is our opinion that your concrete should be a minimum of 4 inches thick, reinforced with #6 wire Mesh. The concrete mix is to be a minimum of five sacks per yard and 4000 psi. The main reason to thicken your slab is that we do not want you to be back in the same situation you are in now just a couple of years down the road.

Expansion joints should be placed in no more than 200 square foot blocks for residential and 1,600 square blocks for commercial concrete. Depending on the size of the replacement the new concrete can be pumped, power bugged, or wheel barreled; no way would you allow a concrete truck to back into your good concrete. Common sense is always the rule of the day!

If you believe that, you have a driveway problem due to root or water damage call us today at 504-667-2180 or shoot us a quick request for your FREE no obligation quote. We will be happy to discuss with you your option for repair or replacement.

By Sil Caldeira