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The Top 5 Benefits of Poured Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundations are the most popular type of foundations in the world. They are easy to maintain, inexpensive, and offer superior protection for your home. However, their benefits reach far beyond. Here are the top 5 reason to choose a poured concrete foundation from a quality concrete foundation services provider. foundation

1. Unsurpassed Strength and Stability – Concrete is extremely stable. A concrete foundation provides the home with increased support. Poured concrete basement walls possess a compressive and flexural strength that is unsurpassed by any other foundation material.

2. Water and Fire Resistance – Solid concrete foundations are less porous. Their joint free construction resists water. It also has twice the amount of fire resistance of hollow core block providing protection for the home and often helping to contain flames allowing more time for a homeowner to escape disaster.

3. Excellent Thermal Conduction – The term thermal mass refers to the ability of a material to store heat. Concrete ranks high on this scale meaning it is excellent at storing heat in the day and gradually releasing it into the home during the cooler hours. This feature saves money on furnace bills and prevents the dangerous use of space heaters.

4. Low Maintenance – Concrete foundations require virtually no maintenance. They are naturally resistant to rot and decay providing years of maintenance free service.

5. Affordability – Concrete is one of the most affordable options on the market for foundations. In addition, a typical installation of a poured wall foundation is only three days allowing your building process to continue quickly and cost effectively.

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